Benefits of a Professionally Fitted Carpet – CARPET IMAGE

carpet fitting

A professionally fitted carpet completes your home decor project. It puts the finishing touches to the look you envisioned and ensures your flooring’s longevity.


Once you’ve decided on the areas that need new flooring and picked the perfect carpet, the installation process brings everything together beautifully.


You’ll enjoy your new carpet for years to come safe in the knowledge that your carpet has been professionally installed, especially with proper care and maintenance 


What are the most crucial carpet installation facts?


Some homeowners try to save money in their budget by opting for a thinner than required underlay or worse, no underlay. We strongly advise against this, as the underlay adds excellent value and protection to your new carpet.

Without underlay, carpet can become rippled and experience unnecessary wear, long before it should. It’s well worth the extra cost to ensure you don’t have to replace your flooring in just a couple of years in some cases.
Professional carpet fitters have all the necessary tools and utilise the most modern techniques for the best results. Certain tools are essential for a perfect installation.


These include a knee kicker for stretching the carpet and a heat welding iron for seams so that they don’t come apart after heavy usage. Without these tools, your carpet can not be installed correctly and will not last as long as it should.


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