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Buying flooring Online vs In-store

Buying flooring Online vs In-store

In recent years online shopping has grown massively in popularity, due mainly to its convenience. However, some things are not advisable to buy online. Buying flooring online is one of those things.

At Carpet Image, we do not provide an option to buy flooring online via our website directly. We think choosing floor coverings is a very personal experience, and we pride ourselves on offering friendly advice and answering all your questions honestly and professionally. We are on hand from start to finish plus we provide 12-months aftercare for any unforeseen problems. So if you are thinking of buying your flooring online, please read on, to make sure you are making the right decision.

Buying Your Flooring Online? Things To Consider

Product selection

The customer assumes all responsibility that the flooring ordered is suitable for its intended use.

Sub-floor inspection

It is sometimes necessary to prepare the sub-floor with ply or screed. It is entirely the client’s responsibility to assess the floor’s condition and its suitability to accept the chosen floor covering. With certain types of flooring, the installation of a DPM may also be required.


It is down to the client to measure and calculate the materials required and submit a full written confirmation of the product colour & quantity required.

No liability is accepted for inaccurate measurements, and there is no guarantee of a colour match when additional materials need to be ordered.


Payment in full is required at the time of ordering.

Delivery/Inspection of goods

Your new flooring will be delivered directly to your home and will need to be signed for. It is the responsibility of the client to inspect the goods to make sure there are no defects. If the materials need to be returned to the supplier, they will need to be re-wrapped to prevent transit damage. Failure to provide adequate protection to the goods during transit may incur charges by the supplier if any damage occurs.


The client must make all arrangements for the installation of new flooring purchased online. Please note the online supplier will not accept responsibility for the flooring’s performance where the supplier deems that the installation has not been carried out in accordance with their guidelines.


Your manufacturer’s warranty becomes void when your carpet is not installed per BS5325, the British Standard for installing textile floor coverings. 


Carpet Image prides itself on providing a wide selection of materials from the flooring industry’s leading suppliers. Our showroom is at your disposal, and we are always available to offer advice, to ensure that your chosen flooring is suitable for the area you wish to cover. We are also happy for you to take samples home to be viewed in the intended area of installation.

carpet image showroom 

Sub-floor inspection

We always like to conduct an on-site survey to assess the sub-floor suitability to receive your chosen floor covering. Where required, we will also offer advice on any sub-floor preparations and quote to install ply or screed if needed. We can also check your sub-floor for signs of dampness or any other issues that may affect your flooring’s long-term performance. 

Measuring, planning & estimating

During our site visit, we will measure and estimate the quantity of flooring required. We will also advise where any seams are needed and suggest materials whose dimensions will offer the most satisfactory installation while keeping wastage to a minimum. When providing carpet, we also ensure that your project is planned with the pile direction laid in the correct direction to maximise your chosen carpet’s appearance and long-term performance.


We require a deposit with your order and the balance of payment upon the satisfactory installation of your floor covering.

Delivery/Inspection of Goods

We will receive your goods and cut to size when required before our installers arrive on site. We will also inspect the goods to ensure that there are no defects before installation. If the goods are deemed faulty, we shall organise the re-packaging and return of the goods to the supplier and arrange replacement materials.

Removal of old floor covering/moving of furniture

If required, for a nominal charge, we can organise the moving of furniture plus the uplift and disposal of previous floor coverings.


Please keep in mind that we entrust our business’s reputation to the fitters’ skills that we employ every day. Consequently, we only use the best NOT THE CHEAPEST to ensure that you will be delighted with your new floor.

Your guarantee

Since we are involved in the entire process, from product selection to the final installation, we take full responsibility for your floor’s long-term satisfactory performance, giving your total peace of mind.

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