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How Good Are Todays Super Soft Carpets?

How Good Are Todays Super Soft Carpets?

We expect a lot from our carpet these days –  It has to be durable and long-lasting, stain and soil resistance. It needs to be pet friendly and hypoallergenic. We also want super soft carpets that feel cosy underfoot.

Oh, and it still has to look beautiful!

Sirius carpet by Invictus
Super Soft carpet by Invictus

As a flooring option, the reason carpet comes out on top is it’s appealing characteristics of comfort and softness. Advanced fibre technology and treatments have made these new super-soft carpet ranges even more comfortable and practical to live on – perfectly suitable for areas such as kids playrooms and stairs.

They can stand up to daily wear and tear and have all the bells and whistles you would expect from a top-performing carpet. After all, what good is soft carpet if it doesn’t last? 

Soil and Stain Resistance 

Stain resistance is expected, but it is not found on all carpet, especially at the lower end. Make sure yours does. Better quality products, including today’s new soft fibre systems, do offer stain resistance. Some carpet, wool, for instance, has inherent stain resistant qualities, other carpets, like nylon, require additional treatments.  


Antimicrobial treatments have come on enormously in response to the desire for cleaner, healthier homes and concerns over indoor air quality. These treatments protect against the growth of mould and mildew and are especially good at controlling odours.

Some of these have been applied to offer warrantied protection against spills and pet accidents, especially when combined with new waterproof backings.

While carpet manufacturers have been pushing hard on the performance front, they haven’t forgotten about style and design. You can expect these premium super soft carpets to offer an outstanding array of colour, pattern, texture – and performance – in addition to built-in softness to the touch.

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