How to Keep Your New Carpet Clean – CARPET IMAGE

carpet cleaning

If you have recently purchased a new carpet, you might be worried about that first spill or muddy footprint and what to do when it happens. Here are our best tips to help keep your new carpet clean.


While some people don’t mind the wearing of shoes inside the home, while others encourage everyone to remove their shoes at the door. Either way, a good quality entry doormat is essential to reduce the soiling of your carpet from footwear.


A good quality vacuum cleaner is the starting point for a well-maintained carpet. Not only will dirt particles will make your carpet look unsightly, but they will also grind away at the pile when walked on and cause premature wear.


You should thoroughly vacuum your carpet at least once a week, with three vacuum passes for lightly soiled areas and five to seven passes for heavily soiled areas.


If you have Asthma or Allergy sufferers in the house, ensure removal of any dust mites from the household by using a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) filter or install an externally ducted vacuum cleaning system.


If you do have an accident, refer to the manufacturer’s care and cleaning guide. Most manufacturers have all the information you require online, with different instructions for different spills and carpets.


I have always found the best way to spot clean carpet is to remove as much of the spill as possible using a blunt knife or spoon for solids, blotting up liquids with white kitchen paper or using a wet/dry vacuum for large spills.


You can then apply a little cold or lukewarm water containing laundry detergent to the residual spill, blot up with white kitchen paper, and repeat with plain water once looking clean. Depending on the stain, it may be necessary to repeat this process several times to rinse out the soiling effectively.


Never scrub or rub the carpet during the spot cleaning, as even if you get it clean, the pile will appear distorted and standout from the rest. To avoid spreading the spill, always work from the outside of the stain in towards the middle. If you are not confident to do these steps yourself, call a professional carpet cleaner to ask for further advice.


Your new carpet should last a few years before it’s first professional clean is required. After that, the average family home carpet should be professionally steam cleaned approximately every 24 months. Professional steam cleaning is hot water and detergent pumped into your carpet and then extracted by vacuum, along with the soiling from your flooring. Ideally, employ someone who has a van mounted powerful machine, this will enable better cleaning and leave your carpet dryer.


Many carpet manufacturers do not recommend shampooing, DIY steam cleaning, or dry carpet cleaning. Shampooing can leave a residual of detergent behind, which will attract more dirt very quickly. DIY hire steam cleaning machines often don’t have sufficient suction power and can leave your carpet quite wet and even smelly. Try to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned on a warm day so that you can open up the house for quick drying.


In our experience, dry cleaning only cleans the top surface of the carpet pile. While it will freshen up the look of your carpet, it will not remove deep down soiling. When having your new carpet installed, it’s a good idea to keep a little offcut so that in a worst-case scenario, a piece can be patched in by an experienced carpet fitter. It may not be invisible, but it may be better than the stain it replaces.


If you follow the cleaning steps outlined, you should enjoy the look and comfort of your new carpet for much longer.