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If you’re looking for a heavy-traffic and cost-effective flooring option, carpet tiles may be just what you need. Available in an array of patterns, colours, and styles, carpet tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain their look for many years. Carpet Image is Nottingham’s premier source for flooring, including high-quality carpet tiles. Please stop by our showroom in East Leake to see our collection of carpet tile flooring samples, and enjoy a free consultation with one of our flooring experts.

Carpet Tile Benefits

Carpet tile in a commercial application has many benefits, including style, ease of installation and maintenance, and low life-cycle costs. Modular carpet tiles typically consist of bonded carpet cut in squares. Modular carpet tiles (or “carpet squares”) usually come in one size: 50 x 50 cm. Varying thickness’ and patterns are available, as well as hundreds of different colours.

Carpet tile is a fashionable product that adds warmth to any commercial property, thus reducing an institutional feel. Borders and accents can easily be specified to define different areas of interior space. Insets can also be added for borders, captivating designs or directional purposes. 

Carpet tile’s main advantage is that you can replace a damaged or worn area without having to replace the whole carpet. Modular carpet tiles located under desks, for example, can be replaced with those in high-traffic area to even out wear. They also allow easy access to under-floor wiring or plumbing. Extra replacement tiles should be purchased with the main batch, as those brought at a later date will almost certainly be a slightly different shade.

Modular carpet tile turns the messy, awkward job of carpet installation into a quick and easy one. Placement requires less time and few special tools. Using carpet tile saves time when installing and replacing. For example, all the furniture does not have to be removed from a room to install or replace carpet tiles; you move the furniture from one end to the other. If you’re installing traditional broadloom carpeting, you have to clear the room and do a lot of prep work.

Carpet tiles ease of maintenance and ease of installation and replacement add up to low life-cycle costs. But other factors contribute to this benefit, too. Carpet tiles are generally very rugged and perform well in high-traffic areas. Carpet tiles are made with a heavy backing, which serves as a cushion that absorbs the wear of the face fibres and prevents their premature loss. One last benefit is less waste. If you have a 2.5 mt wide corridor, and you’re installing 4.00 mt. Broadloom carpet, you have 1.5 mt of waste that you might not be able to use. With carpet tile, you may only have to cut a small portion off a small percentage of tiles to fit the same area.

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