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Achieve the look of natural wood, stone or granite. Luxury vinyl is the latest innovation that lets you capture natural textures without worrying about moisture damage or hefty price tags.

If a luxurious, hard surface floor is what you’re after luxury vinyl tiles are just the ticket. This luxury vinyl flooring comes in two general formats: planks (known as LVP) and tile (known as LVT). If you are after the look of any wood, whether it be Oak or Walnut, you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between LVP and the real thing. And the same holds for LVT. 

Imagine a rustic reclaimed Oak look on planks or a natural limestone tile that replicates the natural world, with an array of different tones and surface textures, just about every style is possible.

We have hundreds of luxury vinyl flooring samples (also known as LVF, LVT or LVP). You can visit our showroom in East Leake, or we can bring the samples to you with our popular Shop at Home Service. That is what we are all about, convenience, service and knowledge. We serve customers all over Nottingham.


Durable, realistic, and beautiful

Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are designed to capture the beauty of natural stone and ceramic tile floors and wood planks. However, they also provide an extremely comfortable floor for everyday living while being extremely durable.

The designs are fashionable, offering stunning realism with deep embossing and looks ranging from rustic to contemporary, in any color scheme that will undoubtedly meet your home’s décor.

Luxury vinyl floors can be used in any room of the home. To add a touch of warmth and switch up the look of a room, consider adding an area rug or runner. It adds a nice touch to your home décor.

If you are in the market for luxury vinyl tiles or planks or even if you are curious about it and have questions, visit us in our showroom in East Leake. We will take you through a simple process to help you determine the perfect flooring choice for your lifestyle.

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