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Real wood has been the flooring option of choice in many homes throughout the UK for centuries. We can supply and deliver all types. We can also arrange for one of our recommended wood floor contractors to quote you for a professional installation.


Timeless Elegance

Ask any professional interior designer, and they will tell you – nothing beats the beauty of a wood floor. Made to enhance and accentuate any décor, wood flooring adds elegance to any room, and can easily complement a variety of furniture and accessories.


Quality and Variety

From traditional oak or walnut floors to the uniqueness of cork or bamboo, wood flooring options have grown immensely in recent years. Along with the large variety of wood floor styles, wood flooring also varies in quality.


Worth the Investment

Installing wood flooring is a significant investment that adds value as well as beauty to your home. Today’s wood flooring choices include many styles with long warranties that require minimal maintenance to keep their finish looking great for years.




The beauty of Natural Wood and Stone

Laminate flooring began as a cheaper flooring option for people who wanted the look of wood floors. Now, laminate flooring manufacturers have far surpassed the idea of mimicking wood styles, and laminates are available in everything from traditional faux-oak planks to varieties that look like natural stone and ceramic tile.


Durable Flooring for Today’s Families

It’s true – the natural beauty of wood is timeless. But add a dog, a cat, and a couple of kids and that “timeless” beauty can turn into a maintenance headache. For today’s busy families whose homes tolerate virtual freeways of traffic, laminate flooring offers unmatched durability and easy maintenance.


Laminate Flooring On a Budget

Cost is perhaps the most appealing attribute of laminate flooring. Not only are the laminate materials less expensive, but installation savings for a new floor are a bonus. As a less expensive option than wood or tile, laminate flooring can help people achieve the high-end style they’re looking for without the high-end price.

Ask in-store to see samples, and we can also arrange for one of our recommended wood floor installers to give you an installation quote.

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