All carpets are priced per square metre, including V.A.T. at the prevailing rate. (currently 20% 2021)

Collection (Supply Only)

After notification that goods are in stock collection can be made between 9:30 am-4:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Any other time can be made by special arrangement.

Collection Address; 7 Gotham Road, East Leake, Loughborough, LE126JG

Delivery (Supply Only)

Carpets required for delivery will incur a charge of £15.00 for the first cut length and £5.00 per cut length after that. We only deliver to Nottinghamshire and North West Leicestershire county areas

*Full business address with postcode must be provided.

*Delivery times can not be given, only an approximate time of delivery.

*Standard delivery/processing charge applies.

*)Ground floor access is required with a storage capacity of 4 or 5 metres in length, depending on the order.

Carpet Image is not liable for any damage or injury caused during delivery and is not responsible for late deliveries.


Nottinghamshire Delivery Times

Delivery times offered would be AM or PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday excluding Bank Holidays. Failure to give reasonable access will result in the goods being returned to Carpet Image where collection or rearrangement of delivery can be made with an additional charge. 

Freelance Fitters

When the fitter is not an agent of the Company, Carpet Image will not accept any responsibility for their actions, liability, or guarantee their workmanship.


All carpets/flooring should be examined before fitting to confirm that it is the correct colour, quality, length and free of manufacturing faults. No responsibility/liability will be accepted by Carpet Image once the carpet is fitted or cut for fitting. 

Fitted Price

Includes fitting to flat areas only, £4.00 per square metre surcharge for Hall, Stairs, and Landings for carpets – excludes any floor preparation. Smaller areas may be subject to a minimum charge. 

Carpet Image Fitting

Includes fitting by a fitter or fitters contracted to Carpet Image Ltd. Their work is guaranteed for 12 months by Carpet Image. All areas should be cleared of furniture and old floor coverings removed prior to fitting. Fitting is restricted to Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas only. 


A measuring service is available. When Carpet Image uses sizes provided by you, the customer, any shortage or size errors will be the customer’s responsibility. The customer will cover any cost incurred to rectify any shortages.


Every effort to simulate carpet colours on the internet is made. However, Carpet Image can not guarantee a perfect match; images should be used as a guide only. Carpet samples and pattern books are readily available and can be delivered to your home. The samples remain the property of Carpet Image Ltd and are required to be returned, or collected by us, in original condition.

Order Process

Once you, the customer, has agreed with a quotation and read our terms and conditions; 


A deposit of 50% is required to process an order. Cheques made payable to Carpet Image Ltd or by Credit/Debit Cards (excludes American Express).

Order Confirmation

An order confirmation will be sent via email or post, with an estimated delivery date. Any adjustments should be notified to Carpet Image within 24 hours of receipt of that confirmation. 


Once the goods are in stock you, the customer will be contacted. Payment of balance would be required, and collection, delivery, or fitting arranged. 

Manufacturer Guarantee

All carpets carry a minimum one-year manufacturers guarantee. Carpet Image will request a visit from a representative of that Manufacturer in the event of a fault. Changes in the appearance of the carpet due to localised conditions are not considered part of that guarantee. Any additional Manufacturers warranties would be directed to that Manufacturer. 


We recommend that carpets are vacuumed as soon as fitted and at regular intervals after that. Cleaners that have a beating or brushing action are not recommended for extra-long piled (shag pile) carpets but should be used on Saxony products to ‘revive’ the pile. Carpet rakes are also strongly advised to help maintain the appearance of both Shag and Saxony type materials. Use cylinder type vacuum cleaners that are not rotary on loop pile carpets.  A professional cleaning will be required periodically and should be carried out, as needed, by a reputable carpet cleaning specialist.

Rug Sizes

Please be aware rugs and runners may be cut by hand; by doing so, sizes are subject to slight variations.


Customer Privacy / Site Suggestions

To maintain our high standard of service, any suggestions to improve our service are welcomed. Any information offered by you the customer will not be passed on to any third parties unless requested by yourself


Terms & Conditions – Terms Of Business

Terms Of Business – 50% deposit with Order. Balance Due on Delivery/Fitting.


•A minimum deposit of 50% of the total price is required for all orders.

•The balance of the purchase price is payable strictly C.O.D. or within one week of our fitting date.

•Failure to adhere to the requirement may lead to your order being cancelled and your deposit being forfeited.

•Deposits are not refundable once the required goods have been cut from the roll.

•No cash refunds will be given.

•All cheques should be made payable to Carpet Image Ltd.

•V.A.T. is payable at the rate prevailing when payments made.

•Interest will be charged on overdue accounts.


•Delivery/Fitting dates given are subject to goods being in stock. Although every effort is made to meet customer requirements, no liability is accepted to effect delivery by a specified date.

•Furniture should be removed and old carpets uplifted from rooms before fitting. No responsibility or liability can be taken by Carpet Image for personal effects or furniture that may be accidentally damaged.

•Shortages or damages will only be accepted if notified to the Company within three days after receipt of goods.

•The Company’s liability is restricted in this respect to goods which have not been cut for fitting purposes.

•The Company accepts no responsibility for reimbursements of fitting charges where the fitter is not an agent of the Company.


Title of any goods does not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full and in the case of cheques clearance has been obtained.


Carpet Wear Characteristics 

SHADING & PILE REVERSAL: Cut pile carpets, whatever their quality, may develop a characteristic known as shading or pile reversal, which gives the appearance of light and dark patches, or ‘watermarking’. This is not a manufacturing fault and is not detrimental to the wear performance of the carpet. The Manufacturer accepts no responsibility should this condition arise. 

FLUFFING: The carpet’s pile is made from yarns produced by various wool types having different staple lengths. Some loose fibres are left behind during the manufacturing process, and when the carpet is brushed or vacuumed, these fibres work out. The more luxurious and heavier the pile, the greater the fluffing, this is not cause for concern. The fluffing clears as the carpet is subject to use.

SHADING: Shading occurs because the pile of carpet has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a different direction to the pile’s natural lie whilst in situ. This causes light reflection at differing angles, resulting in light and dark patches on the carpet. This will occur on all pile fabrics but can be more noticeable on plain carpet because the shadows created by pile pressure are not disguised by a heavy pattern or design.

STATIC: Carpets do not produce static, but like other household fabrics and objects can store it. The build-up of static electricity causes static upon personnel in a dry environment. It is discharged when a person makes contact with an item which can conduct electricity (i.e. door handle or filing cabinets, etc.). The static charges will vary in intensity depending upon the individual, air humidity and the contact materials. Static is usually associated with synthetic materials as they do not retain moisture very well, but it can and does occur with wool in arid room conditions. Preventive measures include the introduction of moisture into the room or in situ carpet treatment.

PILE REVERSAL: Like shading, this occurs when the pile or nap of the carpet changes direction and thus reflects light at different angles showing the effects of shading, which can become permanent. It is also described as “watermarking” This can happen to every carpet construction be it Axminster, Wilton, Tufted, Hand Woven, Persian, Chinese, Indian, or even Coir Matting. Like shading, it can be more apparent on plain carpet. It can occur relatively quickly after installation. Many institutes have carried out a tremendous amount of research over many years to determine this phenomenon’s cause, but none of it has proved conclusive. There is no commonly known manufacturing process which can cause or cure this phenomenon, and therefore, it is not a manufacturing fault. For further information, please check with individual manufacturers recommendations.

FADING ON WOOL: Carpets made from wool can and do fade in use. The degree of fade can vary depending on the colour chosen and the local conditions to which the carpet is subjected. Fading can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet light found in daylight but is accelerated when sunlight shines directly onto the carpet. This causes lightening or bleaching, just as exposure to sunlight will lighten human hair. Wool is after all animal hair. Protection should be given to carpets exposed to such conditions just as you would protect other furniture or fabrics. A fading complaint would be considered justified if it failed to meet the required shade standard when tested to the British Standard BS1006 (1990).

FLATTENING: Flattening will occur due to traffic, which eventually flattens the pile, particularly in the main areas of use. All pile fabrics will flatten to a greater or lesser degree depending on the amount of traffic to which it is subjected and the construction (tuft density/pile fibre/height/weight) of the product concerned.

SOILING: Soiling is usually the result of some local condition that the carpet has been subjected to, maintenance, or lack of maintenance programme. There is nothing a manufacturer can do to prevent soiling. There are several types of soiling which are quite common.

SPILLAGES: Liquids such as soft drinks, cordials or any drink which contains sugar, particularly hot drinks, is likely to leave a stain. In such instances, professional help should be sought.

SHAMPOO: If incorrectly applied, shampoo can leave sticky soap residues in the fibres, resulting in the soiling reappearing quite rapidly.

DUST: Dust is carried on draughts can soil carpets in various ways. Apart from the noticeable soiled edges, at gaping skirting boards, dark lines appearing on the surface might suggest airborne dust vacuum-drawn through poorly fitted floorboards. Sometimes the shape of floorboards can be seen quite clearly. Airborne dust sometimes shows itself as spots on the carpet; this is due to the air carried on a draught under the carpet escaping through minute holes in the underlay and the carpet, leaving dust deposited on the pile much like a filter action. In such installations, the use of the lining paper is essential as a preventive measure.

PILING: All loop pile wool carpets are liable to this condition. This is a characteristic of the carpet and not a manufacturing defect.

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