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Things to Consider Before Buying a New Carpet

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Carpet

When bought from a reputable retailer, the average carpet will last anywhere between 10-15 years, making it a significant investment and one that needs to be thought about.

The best place to purchase a new carpet is at your local showroom. Talk to the experts who can give you advice on colour, size, fibres, and installation.

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Carpet Image Showroom

Carpet Image Showroom


Here are our top tips and questions you need to be asking when shopping for the perfect carpet. 

Where is the carpet For? 

This is important, as it will determine what type of carpet you need. For example, carpets in hallways and on staircases should be more robust and durable as these areas have to be to withstand heavy foot traffic.

What Size is the Room? 

The first thing you need to do before investing in a new carpet is measure the space. That way, whether you’re planning to install it yourself or employ the services of a professional to do the job, you’ll know exactly how much material you need to buy.

What is Your Budget? 

The quickest and easiest way to find an excellent carpet choice is to have a firm budget in mind before you start shopping. If you know how much you are willing to spend, you can begin your search at the right level of the market. 

Do You Want a Plain, Patterned or Textured Carpet? 

The great thing about choosing carpet is the wide variety of colours, styles, textures, and patterns on offer. You can find carpeting to compliment just about every taste. All you need to do is pick one that matches the décor in your home.

Is the Carpet a Long Term Purchase? 

Most homeowners buy a new carpet and plan to use it for the foreseeable future. As carpet is designed to be durable, this isn’t a problem as long as the product you choose is of good quality. However, if you are reasonably sure that you’ll be moving house or replacing the new carpet in a couple of years, it could be worth factoring this into your decision.

Do You Need Underlay? 

Without high-quality underlay, carpets don’t have as much bounce or spring. They can be uncomfortable to walk on, and they don’t absorb sound in the same way, which is why most homeowners purchase new underlay when they buy new carpet. Maybe you’re on a tight budget, though; in that case, you can use the existing underlay if it’s in reasonable condition or opt for a felt backed carpet, which is a built-in underlay.

Can I Fit My New Carpet Myself?

It is possible to install a carpet yourself, but there is a substantially high risk of things going wrong. Why jeopardise the condition of a brand new carpet when you can have it expertly fitted for a modest fee.

I hope this helps next time you’re looking to buy new carpets. And don’t forget you can always visit our showroom or arrange an appointment for us to bring samples to your home or business.

We will contact you within one business day.

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