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In recent years, the buzz word in the flooring world has been LVT, but what is LVT, and why has it become so popular?


During the post-war boom from 1950 right through to the 1970s, vinyl flooring grew to become one of the top flooring choices in many new homes. And for good reasons: vinyl floors are versatile, easy to maintain, and resistant to burns and scratches.


During this period, it was common to find vinyl flooring in most kitchens, utility rooms, and bathrooms. However, it was a trend that eventually subsided in favour of hardwoods, tiles, carpets, and laminate floors. But, trends have a nature of coming full circle.


Today, vinyl is experiencing a renaissance in the form of luxury vinyl flooring (or LVT) and has returned to dominate the flooring market. For busy households with young families and pets, it is the ideal flooring choice. 


Aside from advancements in rigidity and flexibility, what led to this resurgence is the ability of luxury vinyl flooring to realistically replicate any type of flooring material available, such as: 

Ceramic tile


  • Marble tile
  • Stone
  • Bamboo

So what exactly is LVT?

Luxury vinyl flooring, often referred to as LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) or LVP (luxury vinyl planks), is made up of four layers. This structural composition enables it to mimic other flooring materials realistically.


Top layer: This layer of a mixture of aluminium oxide is what gives luxury vinyl flooring its resistance to scuffing and scratching.


Film layer: Sitting beneath the top layer is a much harder one that prevents tears and rips in the flooring.


Design layer: Through the use of modern digital photo technology, this layer gives luxury vinyl flooring its distinctive look. 


The backing: This layer provides strength and structural integrity and often contains as much as 90-percent of the overall thickness.


LVT's are waterproof and can be installed as a free-floating floor (click) or glued down with adhesives.  

What Is the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?


The short answer is the aesthetics of the products. Vinyl tile flooring mimics large sections of ceramic, marble, or stone flooring; It is manufactured and sold in square or rectangular cuts. 


Vinyl plank flooring is primarily designed to mimic hardwood floors and therefore is manufactured and sold in planks.


How Does Luxury Vinyl Flooring Differ From Other Types of Flooring?


When you consider the costs of ceramic tile and hardwood floors, luxury vinyl floors can offer fantastic value for a product that is practically indistinguishable from the real thing.


In almost every way, practical or aesthetic, luxury vinyl floors make a valuable addition to any home. Here's why:


Durability. Luxury vinyl flooring has it all – it's waterproof, highly resistant to scratches, tears, burns, and breakages. It's designed to last for many years while retaining its original beauty and structural integrity.


Maintenance. It's safe to say that luxury vinyl flooring is among the most stress-free types of flooring currently on the market in terms of cleaning and maintaining. Due to its protective wear layer's structural components, luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain with just routine sweeping and mopping.


Design. The design options available in luxury vinyl flooring are far too many to list. Suffice it to say that you can find a flooring option that accurately mimics any floor you've seen. And because the design layer rests under the protective wear layer, the original look of your floors will not diminish, even over many years of use.


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