What is The Best Pet Friendly Flooring? – CARPET IMAGE

best floor for dogs - LVT

Your dog maybe your best friend, but is he your floors? Picking the best pet-friendly flooring for your home isn't as straight forward as you might think. Here are our thoughts on what works best with your furry friends.

Is luxury vinyl a good option for pets?

In our opinion, luxury vinyl tiles or planks (LVT) (LVP) are the best pet-friendly flooring there is. But you do need to be careful about which LVT or LVP you choose.

While LVT is an affordable flooring option, you will want to be looking at the higher-end LVT flooring options if you have pets at home.

While all LVT’s/LVP’s are water-resistant, you should upgrade to waterproof. This is worth the extra money.

Most LVT floors will be adequate if you can clean up any spills within 30 minutes. But the fact is, if your dog or cat has an accident, it is more than likely going to be when you are out, meaning it could be sitting there for much longer.

We advise you to go for the dry back option, which is fully stuck down and opt for a thicker wear layer: this determines how durable, stain- and scratch-resistant a floor is.

Luxury vinyl tiles comprise several distinct layers: the polyurethane coating (1); the wear layer (2); the print film layer (3); the vinyl core (4); and the tile backing (5).

LVT wear layers

If you have pets at home, you should go for a wear layer of 0.4 mm or above. Avoid the click options; these will not provide you a waterproof floor.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet or cushioned vinyl flooring is another excellent option for homes with pets. This resilient flooring comes on a roll and is available in 2, 3 and 4 mt widths, so there are no joins, making it completely waterproof.

Today’s sheet vinyl offer technology for superior scratch, scuff, and stain resistance. This innovative protective finish also repels soil and spills, making clean-up incredibly easy.

With incredibly realistic wood, stone and marble designs, sheet vinyl is a very practical and affordable option.


While there is no such thing as a 100% pet-proof flooring, there are options that hold up better than others. In our opinion, the best value and easy-to-maintain flooring for pets are LVT’s/LVP’s.

Whichever option you choose, remember that accidents will happen. And scratches are always a possibility with certain types of floors. Try to keep your pets groomed and trim their nails frequently.

With regular upkeep of your floors and your pets, you can have beautiful floors in a pet-friendly home.