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What is The Most Common Flooring Complaint?

What is The Most Common Flooring Complaint?

The most common flooring complaint is…. not what you think.

The most common complaint from people who have recently bought new flooring is not price or fitting, it’s not the pattern or colour or anything like that. And to make things worse, customers often have only themselves to blame. 

The most common flooring complaint is: They wish they had bought better quality materials, even if it meant spending a little more. 

While flooring can be a significant expense, the price difference between what you settle on and an upgrade may not be that great. If you have the floor professionally installed, then it could be a minimal price difference indeed.

Think of it this way: The average spend on flooring for a whole house is usually between £1,500 at the low end, to over £5,000 for high-end. But even if you paid double for materials – remember installation costs remain the same — the difference between a 40oz twist and a 50oz twist pile carpet or 8m and 10mm underlay may not be as much as you think.

When it comes to new flooring, quality matters, always choose better-quality materials when you can. Style matters, too. And when it comes to a floor that will last for years if not decades, style matters a lot. Choose the one that’s right for you, even if it means spending a little more upfront.

You’ll look back later and be glad you did.

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