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Which Carpet Colour is Trending in 2021?

Which Carpet Colour is Trending in 2021?

According to the e-commerce site Etsy, sky blue will be the carpet colour trend for 2021.

Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, says sky blue represents people looking ahead to bluer skies after the coronavirus pandemic’s difficult period. According to Real Homes, she explained that: “While there are still so many hurdles to overcome, hope is on the horizon, and there is a renewed sense of gratitude and connection to our communities. Etsy’s colour of the year perfectly represents this.”

Johnson added that sky blue is a tranquil colour that connects people to nature. There are many ways to add this pastel colour to a room, and a sky blue carpet is an excellent place to start. Many carpet manufacturers include sky blue in their range of plain coloured carpets and patterned carpets.

Walls can be painted sky blue to lighten the room, and a contrasting coloured carpet can be added. A sky blue tablecloth adds a soft touch in the dining area, while a living room can benefit from sky blue throws draped on sofas and chairs.

Many colour trends come and go quickly, but according to Brittany Romano, writing for Real Homes,  sky blue is one colour trend that will stay around for a long time.


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